the awarness and empathy project – overview

IMG_1105 IMG_1106After having my mid review meeting with Anna i felt confident in my work and knew how i could develop it and improve it. i spoke about how i created the self harm leaflet and then made one poster to go with it. I also spoke about how i took into consideration that this is a charity campaign and coming up with ideas for imagery that isn’t offensive or triggering is very difficult as the work needs to be powerful enough to get peoples attention but also needs to be considerate of who my audience is and what is appropriate for them to be seeing. I feel this was my biggest challenge in this project however i combated this by brain storming many sketches which could be developed into posters then picking out of those what i wanted to make into a finished image. I played on the idea of using colour to show emotion in some of my posters, I used this from what i learnt experimenting in the colour project. I am extremely happy with the outcome of this project and feel its the project i’ve felt most involved in and really immersed myself in every step of the work.


The Awarness and Empathy project- initial research and thoughts

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As soon as i went to the briefing i knew this would be one of my favourite projects. I was very excited to start my research and explore creating charity campaigns. Firstly, I mind-mapped all the different issues that i would be interested exploring i then narrowed that down to a few topics then researched charities that focus on those concerns. Finally i came to choosing the charity Mind. Mind is a mental health charity, i researched their current and previous campaigns and noticed they hadn’t done a self harm campaign. I decided to base my project on self harm using minds colour scheme and slogans so it closely links with the charity. In terms of work outcome i looked at bus posters and leaflets which could be given out at hospitals or mailed out.

The city speaks

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For the City speaks project it was made clear to “understand that it is not about simply drawing the City, it is about understanding it and listening to it, observing it, which may include drawing, but letting its voices speak.” I decided that to start with i wanted to create a mini sketchbook of initial research. I explored Cardiff and took photographs and drew things i saw throughout the day. Then to develop this project Jess and I decided to collaborate and came up with the idea to approach people around town and ask them to describe Cardiff in three words. It was surprising the mixture of responses we got which ranged from extremely negative to very positive. Jess took photographs of the people we were talking to so we could create illustrations from them later on. 

For my final images i chose to create poster type a3 images. I wanted to incorporate the text of what they said into the image and did this using a speech bubble layout. I am very pleased with this projects outcome and enjoyed exploring and developing the project.


christmas project

“The Illustrated London News was the world’s first illustrated weekly news magazine; its inaugural issue appeared on Saturday, 14 May 1842. The magazine was published weekly until 1971, and less frequently thereafter. Publication ceased in 2003. The company continues today as Illustrated London News Ltd, a publishing, content and digital agency in London, England. The publication and business archives of The Illustrated London News and the Great Eight Publications are held by Illustrated London News Ltd. ”

For the christmas project I first bought several newspapers and checked online regularly for reputable news tabloids. After i gathered all my research i picked put the stories i felt i could make a successful image out of. Overall i am happy with the outcome of the work and the way i presented it in the end which i may consider for presenting other work.

time passing


After having feedback from Amelia on the Friday session I felt very confident about my work. She gave me helpful advice and suggested a movie to watch; The lost Highway By David Lynch, I found this to be an interesting movie and could see how the angles  and dark feel to the movie matches the work i created.

After completing my composition project the second part was to create a narrative we had the option to use the same image as the composition project or to do something completely different. As i  could already imagine my composition project images to be narrative i decided to use that.

I created my narrative in a comic like structure using a long strip of watercolour paper as I didn’t like the feel of having it in a book format and felt having it laid out like this gave a bigger impact. I am happy with the work produced and would like to continue to explore comic narrative based work in different formats.




The personification project was my least favourite project so far. I found it difficult as at first i didn’t know how to create a narrative image using only an object with no faces or figures. I did find the project a challenge however i tried to experiment with what i learnt in previous projects to combat my block. I tried using different mark making on the cup to show emotion, straight = calm and cross hatch = angry. Overall i was able to create a few images based off of the trench that i created with the cup as the subject however I’m not overly confident with the quality of the outcome.

Bristol trip


For our first Illustration trip we went to bristol. We were separated into groups and walked round the area and visited a few places such as the Cathedral and The museum. I Have never really done much life drawing and never really thought i was very good at it, so having the challenge of documenting this trip was interesting for me. Throughout the day I figured out a system which would work for me, I found items i thought were interesting around Bristol/Museums and then did a brief life drawing of the item getting the size and proportions of the image right, i then took a photo of the item and when i got home I sharpened up the pencil lines and scanned the image, I then printed 2 off and experimented with different mediums to create my final image. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and thought Bristol Was beautiful. I am also happy i have now discovered a process i can use in future work.