the awarness and empathy project – overview

IMG_1105 IMG_1106After having my mid review meeting with Anna i felt confident in my work and knew how i could develop it and improve it. i spoke about how i created the self harm leaflet and then made one poster to go with it. I also spoke about how i took into consideration that this is a charity campaign and coming up with ideas for imagery that isn’t offensive or triggering is very difficult as the work needs to be powerful enough to get peoples attention but also needs to be considerate of who my audience is and what is appropriate for them to be seeing. I feel this was my biggest challenge in this project however i combated this by brain storming many sketches which could be developed into posters then picking out of those what i wanted to make into a finished image. I played on the idea of using colour to show emotion in some of my posters, I used this from what i learnt experimenting in the colour project. I am extremely happy with the outcome of this project and feel its the project i’ve felt most involved in and really immersed myself in every step of the work.


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