expressing the unseen: week 1

Everybody draws, every practice has an element of drawing involved. Reflect upon what you use drawing for and how its expressive potential adds to what you think about your practice. Do you draw just to sketch? Or draw to make a finished object?

As an illustration student i feel drawing is often a central element to the subject area ( although some illustration doesn’t involve any drawing). I often use drawing just to sketch and to create final pieces however this varies on the subject of my art work. If im doing life drawings ill do a rough sketch take a picture then work more into the image later on. For example when i went on an illustration trip to bristol i did many life drawings of various things, however my process stayed the same. Firstly I’d draw a rough outline of the subject in pencil depending on how much time i had would effect how much i tightened the image up. I would then take a picture of the subject to refer to for colour reference. Then finally when I’m at home/in the studio I’d use different mediums to create and finalise my final image such as watercolour or going over lines in pen.


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