Field- Initial thoughts

Coming into Field was a bit intimidating, i didn’t know many people on other courses and i didnt know the people on my course who was in my field group very well either. To start with we had to find someone we’d never met on a different course and discuss what we have done previously in the city project in our subjects then tell the group. I spoke to Laura on graphic design, she told me in her city project she went round town and asked people to write down their secrets and then they made an image out of all the text. When we finished the group talk we had to chose our group. I said i’d be happy working with her as we both had done work interacting with the people of cardiff and i thought id like to explore this further. We then spoke to vicky from fine art and she joined our group.

After brainstorming what we can all contribute, our strengths, our processes and what we enjoy doing we then discussed ideas. After deliberating we decided that we wanted to look at the negative side to cardiff and named our theme ‘ why come to cardiff’.


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