The city speaks

IMG_1102 IMG_1101 IMG_1100

For the City speaks project it was made clear to “understand that it is not about simply drawing the City, it is about understanding it and listening to it, observing it, which may include drawing, but letting its voices speak.” I decided that to start with i wanted to create a mini sketchbook of initial research. I explored Cardiff and took photographs and drew things i saw throughout the day. Then to develop this project Jess and I decided to collaborate and came up with the idea to approach people around town and ask them to describe Cardiff in three words. It was surprising the mixture of responses we got which ranged from extremely negative to very positive. Jess took photographs of the people we were talking to so we could create illustrations from them later on. 

For my final images i chose to create poster type a3 images. I wanted to incorporate the text of what they said into the image and did this using a speech bubble layout. I am very pleased with this projects outcome and enjoyed exploring and developing the project.



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