Words to draw by

For my first project, We looked at ‘Words To Draw by’.

For the first part of the project, The brief gave a set of words, we then had to choose out of the set what words we wanted to draw from.  I  chose Deliberate, Bold, Feathery, Twisting, Crinkly, Rolling and Erratic. I then used these words to create marks that i felt suited the words.

For the second part of the project we looked picked an item out of a pile of leaves, plants and debris. I selected a withered leaf because i felt i could get a lot out of it compared to the other items. I then observed the leaf to decide on what words i felt matched it’s appearance. I used the words: Rough, Torn, Faded, Broken, Cracked, Discoloured, Chapped, Mangled, Dull, Wrinkled, Damaged and Worn. From this i then illustrated the leaf using different mark making techniques, some which i found doing the first part of the words to draw by project. I also experimented with colour on this part of the project.

Overall I enjoyed the project and feel as if i got a lot out of it, which will help me in future projects. I had never done a project like this before so found it intriguing and exciting to experiment with.




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